I assume you already know this ageless commandment given by THE GIVER OF LIFE HIMSELF through Prophet Moses to His beloved Israel-“THOU SHALL NOT KILL”! Straight- forward, clear, unambiguous, unmuffled. Or so it seems? I think there is the common knowledge that “ he who can hire may fire”; “he who can give may decide to take back”. Then if anyone –I mean anyone at all can give life, then he may take it.

Someone may say “but wait, did we give life to the animals…we slaughter them every day…”The answer to that is that THE GIVER OF LIFE HIMSELF says we have dominion over them wherever they may be found, therefore taking animal “life” is by the permission of the only ONE Who gives Life to all.

Now, from the civilised cities of the Western world to the developing world of Africa and Asia, a day is never complete without a life –most of the time-innocent lives-being taken by a raging gunman or a mad and spineless terrorist!

In my home country-Nigeria,kidnappers,armed-robbers, cultists and  “BOKO HARAM” are holding sway snuffing out  lives at will without blinking and for anyone who still has the spark of God in him ,you cannot but wonder how seared the conscience of man has become when it comes to bloodletting!

Consider the Mantra of  these Bloodthirsty men:-

 “THOU SHALL NOT KILL-this belongs only to those who cannot fight for themselves”;

“THOU SHALL NOT KILL”-this commandment is not for real men”;

THOU SHALL NOT KILL”-not in this modern age when a snap of the finger can procure guns, grenades and IEDs”;  

“THOU SHALL NOT KILL”- not when “GOD”  is always happy when he is avenged by mortals”;

“THOU SHALL NOT KILL”- who says when men kill in the name of wars”;

“THOU SHALL NOT KILL”-but we kill animals at will,so why should humans be exempt?”;

My opinion is that the Bible is a very complex book that can only be understood as a whole and in reference to other passages and when the spark of God in you IS alive. The  sixth of the Ten Commandments is very clear and unambiguous- “You shall not kill.” The Hebrew word for “kill” here connotes revenge killings, and so the commandment is specifically against premeditated murder. Of course this absolute prohibition does not apply to killing in war, self-defence or accidents for which different types of responses are prescribed. And for emphasis, it doesn’t apply to animals when they are used as part of one’s menu and killed in the prescribed and accepted ways and modes. In this way, we see that the Bible recognizes how the intention behind an action is crucial to its consequences, and how the law applies to all people equally.

The intentions of these  “killers on the rampage”  to me is to kill because they delight in inflicting agony at will or how can you explain the reason young men would plant bombs in an arena where people were celebrating the joy of running a marathon!

 What could be the reason for someone to enter an educational institution to stab, to maim and to kill if not under the influence of the rulers of the darkness of this world!

How would a sane human being look upon someone of like image solely with the aim of killing?

It’s high time world leaders (wherever they may be found) rose up to find a solution to this rising wave of “killers” insanity before we experience more mega-disasters that would shake humanity to its very foundation!And may I say without any fear of contradiction that until humanity truly returns to God and seek His direction in EVERYTHING, “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” can never be and will never be in the dictionary /lexicon of devils in human clothing….. 



                                                                                       © SLI-2013


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