Looking at the latest advert on “PORTING” by the GSM providers in Nigeria, I get the impression that some of them were not adequately prepared for the deluge of interest it would generate among the Nigerian public-at least the interest in seeing which advert would best convince you to “port” at the port best considered big enough to take your “ship”.
Before the advent of the “porting war”,there was another type of war which war was to attract subscribers from one network to another competing firm. Then, there was this fight between MTN and ETISALAT in Nigeria,where you saw “Osofia”and “Mama Gee” in their big,bold,youthful and daring sunglasses doing all they could to tell us that MTN was the best you could get among the GSM subscribers with the right appeal to the youth!Not long after,we saw ETSALAT in an apparent joke on MTN splashing us with an innuendo that portrayed the same “Osofia” attempting to switch from MTN to ETISALAT because of the bonus gift ETISALAT was dangling at Nigerians.In the same advert,we saw “SAKA”-mouth agape, with unbelievable glee saying to Osofia “….ha..YOU?…’THEN THE JOKE WAS ON MTN!
I am sure MTN felt slighted, bruised, jabbed and clobbered below the belt by this upcoming BUT daring competitor-ETISALAT! Our thought then was that the “war” had ended shortly after, not knowing that MTN never will forget and forgive..NEVER.

Enter the “porting game” and the second day saw our screen beaming with….wait for Him—SAKA(of ETISALAT fame) SINGING( OF ALL THINGS) FOR MTN–


“What Am I seeing?..”said my wife who was sitting with me when the advert came up “….SAKA singing?..Yeee ..Who did this to SAKA? … Why are his eyes popping out as if he is under pressure..? is it by force you must sing..?” On and on the questions of surprise.
”Now the war proper has begun..”I said to my wife because the joke IS NOW ON ETISALAT.
Any observant watcher of these advert wars would agree that MTN sure has outwitted (for the time being?) ETISALAT and other competitor in this game!

Back to SAKA.I never thought the man could sing and dance-left to right,right to left a-la-Michael Jackson!In fact If SAKA could sing and dance,then I can!You can too.Who would not?With such mouth-watering account (I heard it’s in the neighbourhood of 5 or 6m or more for SAKA)!Who would not wake up at night every two hours to master the “porting dance” and declare thereafter like SAKA that “I have conquered poverty”
This transformation is a telling lesson that you can achieve ANYTHING you dream of with the right attitude.We only need a little push-like SAKA.

I am sure if you asked him,he would have stories to tell: of countless mis-steps,countless mis-voice-overs,countless “can I do this?” countless gaffes; countless discouragements, jeers et al BUT at last “I DON PORT O..”arrived and voila SAKA the “musician and dancer” …..and conqueror!
If you are in doubt of what you can achieve today watch the porting dance of SAKA and let his story encourage you. He waded through poverty, rejections, disdain and almost everything negative to “port” at “Fortune Avenue”!
Well done SAKA! Whoever did this to you has done well or “RIVER” as I would say.

By the way-have you “ported”?-That’s for another day.

Have a brilliant today on your way to a more brilliant future.

God bless Nigeria and Remember—–YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN!!

© SLI-2013