I just read a piece on “WHO IS NIGERIA’S HISTORY TEACHER” by Abimbola Adelakun IN YESTERDAY’S (27/02/2013) EDITION OF “The Punch” and I cannot but agree with the lady in toto on the opinion, observations and conclusion in that beautiful piece.

It is a pity that Nigerian leaders especially the present crop, are bereft of any sense of history! The poverty of knowledge in all strata of governance is displayed in the way we handle and react to what could otherwise be a source of succor and upliftment to our people.

Pray, why should the government rub insult into injury by proceeding with the profitless “centenary celebrations” when the leaders of tomorrow are being slaughtered, raped, burnt, kidnapped and harassed every day?

Why should a spineless and incoherent government proceed with the scandalous “centenary celebrations” when Nigerians are queuing for PMS in a country blessed and endowed as ours?

Why should a government whose leaders are clueless about restoring the epileptic, comatose and wholesomely decapitated power sector while the citizens grope in darkness and burn litres of PMS/diesel every day and night just to light up their homes?

Why should a government whose legitimacy is questionable be hell-bent in celebrating a British contraption when the citizens are asking that the contraption be renegotiated or even be dismantled?

Is it not an irony for a government that prides itself on a puerile and amoeban transformation agenda to list ABACHA,BABANGIDA,DANJUMA,MURTALA MOHAMMED,YAR’ADUA(Late President),QUENN ELIZABETH,LORD LUGARD & HIS WIFE ETC.,ETC., as deserving of any honour when it is glaring they were and are still part of the problems in Nigeria? I wonder why “Alams”,Anini,Boko-Haram,Bin-Laden,etc are not included in the honours lists.

Is it not an irony that in a country where our oil wealth is being plundered in the very noses and eyes of our leaders, we still find it convenient to look the other way and celebrate a centenary of corruption and filthy lucre?

Is it not a wrong time to give ourselves éclat when our anti-graft bodies (EFCC & ICPC) are bereft(from their open confessions) of the necessary wherewithal to tackle corruption especially in the NNPC headlong?

Is it not shameful to gather “world leaders” in Abuja and invite musicians like “Tu-Face” and co. to sing meaningless songs in praise of inefficiency in the face of glaring and grueling poverty among the majority of our people?
Do our leaders think at all? Do they see beyond their noses? Do they know what it takes to lead? Do they have workable plans at all? Do they have a modicum of shame at all?

Is it not a shame and a telling indictment on the type of “snailish” progress we have made that Britain (our colonial leaders) refused to attend the centenary celebrations with any conspicuous or high level representations?

At best why couldn’t the government have postponed the celebrations to a later date as a mark of respect for the slain souls? After all Nigeria was amalgamated in JANUARY 1914 AND NOT MARCH?

What sort of country is this?

The questions go on and on…and the answer will come only IF the people are ready to damn the consequences and as Bob Marley said dare to “…..….chase the bald-heads out of town”

God bless NIGERIA!


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