Despite the glaring “faults” of the American society,it is still decent enough to recognise and say “NO” to a man(RAY RICE is his name) who descended into the character traits of beasts to punch a woman,even worse his wife!
That’s the contradiction that pervades the Nigerian society where I live! Here a Sitting State Governor can traumatise his wife and everybody would clap for him!Here a State Governor can lock up his wife in a dungeon and feed her with dog’s food and no one would blink!Here a wife of a sitting State Governor would escape the “hell”called the “State House” to tell of her trauma in the hands of her Stae Governor husband-and everybody would look on and the Governor will still be called “his Excellency”!
Here a Pastor would turn his wife into a second class citizen,a punching bag and run after useless girls and the Church would clap for him!
Here, Some Senators,some House of Reps.members,some State Governors, some Ministers,some Commissioners and some of their followers would take delight in fondling the breasts of stray girls at night clubs and return home to batter their wives and the society will still vote for them! Here the human rights community is helpless when it comes to standing and standing firm agaist incidences of domestic violence in high places! Its high time we ALL rise up in Nigeria and march against this evil called ‘DV'(Domestic Violence)…because it’s worse than “EVD”(Ebola Virus Disease)! RAY RICE deserved what he got and ..more!